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Ah, so that’s where you are, my precious…..

November 2, 2012

Finally tracked our man Richard Black down. Not that I intend investigating him further.  He was shown to be so fatally compromised that his resignation was only a matter of time. It was also obvious he is a radical environmentalist who was feeling shackled by the (minimal) boundaries the BBC were making him work within.

Richard Black is on twitter as @enviroblack.   Now I can see by reading his feed that other regular trackers, such as Mango Chutney and Barry Woods, were aware of this twitter account but I was not.  Bit frustrating as it may have allowed me to harvest more details during my investigations.   I do find it slightly odd he had two almost parallel accounts, one with his BBC username and the other more personal and started in late 2011.  Perhaps he was planning to emerge from his chrysalis as long ago as last year?

So what is our beloved Richard leaving the Beeb to do?  According to Pallab Ghosh “He’s trying to save the worlds oceans”. With a twitter name like “EnviroBlack” it’s no wonder he has such grand ambitions.  Perhaps he has a superhero special power he intends to use to fix the problem as he sees it.

While perusing who Richard follows I saw more evidence of the close links between the BBC and the environmental NGO’s:

Damian Kahya


Former BBC energy, foreign, business reporter. Now at Greenpeace as editor of @energydeskUK.

It is no wonder we do not have reporting balance in this country.  Nobody reporting on environmental issues is impartial.

On a personal note, this blog has now run its course.  The environMENTAList machine spins on, hurricane Sandy fueling it, if nothing else.  The world has been worked into a frenzied, mallable state now for the lunatics to take over the asylum. Richard Black may have gone, but there are a million other brainwashed disciples to take his place.

Good luck in your fight. Mine is over for now.


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One Comment
  1. Richard just changed the name of his twitter account when he left the BBC.

    I used to be @realclim8gate and changed it to @barryjwoods and kept all my followers.

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