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Watts et al – half the warming in the USA is a fabrication

July 29, 2012

Anthony Watts has released the news that has kept his blog Watts Up With That under radio slience for an unprecendented length of time.

What is it all about?  In a nutshell, the station siting classification used by Muller is bunk and so his conversion to the church of global warming hysteria is probably based on dodgy data and ideologically-motivated conclusions.

NOAA is over-estimating warming across the continental USA by double the reality.

Muller’s paper and conversion mean NOTHING.



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One Comment
  1. As far as I can see the main novelty is that the new weather station classification scheme of Leroy (2010) is better than the old one of Leroy (1999).

    It would have been more elegant if Watts had stated in his press release that the differences between stations of various qualities he found in the temperature trends are only visible in the raw data. In the homogenized (adjusted) data the trends are about the same for all quality classes. No more sign of errors due to the urban heat island.

    That the trend is stronger in the homogenized data is no surprise, the transition to automatic weather stations during the study period has caused an artificial cooling in the raw data.

    For a bit more detailed “review”, please visit my blog.

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