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Stakeholder Forum’s RIO+20 Budget Makes Heartlands Budget Look Like A Childs Pocket Money

June 14, 2012

Much was made of the amount of money donated to the Heartland Institute during the recent leak by Peter Gleick.  The “climate realists” made much of the surprisingly small annual budget Heartland has –  a projected $7.7 million for 2012.

With one week to go until the attempt at a global coup d’etat, led by Felix Dodds’ shady umbrella organisation “Stakeholder Forum” at RIO+20, I thought it was time to release some figures I have received.

What if I told you that Stakeholder Forum’s budget just for RIO itself is an astonishing 5, 356, 133.  Now I am not sure if that is Dollars (US) or Pounds (UK) as the spreadsheet I have seen has no monetary symbols on it.  I am convinced of it’s authenticity however, as it was created by “Hannah Stoddart” who is an employee of Stakeholder Forum. However, as Stakeholder Forum is mainly a UK entity, I am assuming the budget is in Pounds Sterling.  This makes their Rio budget a massive $8,321,938.02,  MORE THAN THE ENTIRE PROJECTED BUDGET FOR THE HEARTLAND INSTITUTE IN 2012.

Big Oil, what a joke.

Below is a screen shot of the financial overview.

As you can see from a bit of the detail in the screenshot below, Stakeholder Forum are spending an amazing £68,400 on PODCASTS along for the RIO+20 conference. That is some serious social media propaganda.

Remember the fuss made because Heartland were thinking of giving  Anthony Watt’s $88,000 to set-up a website for the surfacestations project?  Well, let’s see what Stakerholder Forum have spent on their website for RIO….

That is correct, your eyes are not deceiving you.  A total of £130,000 ($201,965.91) has been allocated to their RIO website over three years.   Remember, this is the budget for RIO ALONE.  This is NOT Stakeholder Forum’s annual warchest.

Put’s the “realists” bleating about big oil into perspective doesn’t it?

Now, where does the BBC and Richard Black fit into this information?  Ah, well that is coming in part two.  Let’s just say that Richard is doing a bit more at RIO than covering it for the BBC and will be earning a tidy sum on top of his BBC salary.

  1. MangoChutney permalink

    do you have a link to the spreadsheet and a back up in case it goes missing?


    Seen this?

  3. MangoChutney permalink

    if SF are spending $8m, how much is the UN spending?

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