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Why Arctic Sea Ice Will Never Cross The 1979-2000 Average

April 24, 2012

One word.  Politics.

I simply do not buy the “ooh it was all just a communications mess up, honest. We are innocently changing the way we process the data and nobody told anyone when it was happening…” line from Walt Meier NSIDC.

Come next spring, we’re just going to have a lot of thin ice that formed over the autumn and winter. That’s the stuff that melts out easily the next summer,” Serreze says. “So there’s a feedback at work here, and that feedback is getting stronger with time.”

Mark Serreze, who heads the National Snow and Ice Data Center, speaking in 2011.

Well, with that sort of balanced, objective open mind at the top, it is obvious that the “shift” in data, and the sudden lag in publishing results over the past two weeks is all simply a change in processing of the data.


It’s nasty left wing politics at work backed by money and a bunch of people who have backed themselves into a corner.

That line will NEVER cross the “normal”, it will not be allowed to happen.

Not convinced?  Look at the timing.  What are the chances that as the trend is about to hit undeniable “normal”, they change the processing methodology?  Why introduce basically a 4 day delay in the data being available, you know to “smooth out the wiggles”.



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  1. MangoChutney permalink

    I think you are wrong on this one – Watts has verified the correction

  2. MangoChutney permalink

    what i would like to see though is a 30 year norm

    • JC Smith permalink

      Ask…..and you shall receive:

      Look at the SECOND graph on that page.

  3. I’m sure the story that Anthony Watts confirmed about the change in methodology was true, as far as it went.

    The issue is motive – why was the adjustment implemented on the very day the plot was about to touch to long term average?

    Also, why did the Nansen ROOS plot go off-line for two weeks after it touched the long term ave line?

    I agree with BW – we’re dealing with politically committed “activist scientists” who, even if they’re basically honest, will strain every sinew and bend over backwards to avoid acknowledging any data which might be detrimental to their “cause” (their word, not mine).

  4. kramer permalink

    “Bullshit!” My thoughts exactly.

    These lefties are something else. And then they have the nerve to perform science studies that looks into why we don’t trust climate scientists. It’s stuff like this that makes me not trust them…

  5. MangoChutney permalink

    we’re dealing with politically committed “activist scientists”

    now that’s something we all agree on

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