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Planet Under Pressure – Live

March 26, 2012

Stakeholder Forums latest PR exercise in ramping up the support for their Coup D’etat at RIO+20 is “Planet Under Pressure”.

No debate, very few scientists.  Has more in common with a rally than the new democracy Felix Dodds is calling for. However, as an example of what environmental democracy would look like, it is spot on.

You can watch the propaganda here:

I may not be able to resist sticking a pin in the balloon in the next day or so…


From → BBC Climate Bias

  1. Dave Fisher permalink

    This may be my only posting – I live at sea level and the world I’ve known for 60 years is going to hell in a handbasket, faster than I can explain the changes to my grandchildren. How do I explain that while the Titanic is only minutes from hitting the iceberg, most people are drunk, dancing or arguing on the back deck, or simply watching the BBC?

    My sense is that most “activists” who contribute so many frequent keyboard strokes to this website simply have too much time on their hands, or have no real community they can participate in building. Some may have economic reasons for keeping up a steady flow of bafflegab that has yet to introduce much new evidence of scientific malfeasance. To me it seems like the time for the eloquent punditocracy is over, the time for action is upon us. Our grandchildren might ask if we were merely blogging and tweeting while the Earth burned and drowned. We’d do better to be using our muscles at something real like growing our own food, or helping out around town instead of waiting for the govt. we despise to do it for us, using taxes we dont want to pay.

    Of course we are terrified of the “New World Order”, or any other creeping symptoms of fascism that can co-opt the widespread angst about how we’ve crapped in our nest and have to live with the sh*t for eons to come. We are terrified of governance in general when we have so many examples of utterly dysfunctional and corrupt governments on the national scale, and now the added spice of ascendant religious factions trying to bring their own end-times prophecies to fruition.

    But we still have science. Hard, cautious and validated scientific evidence. Scientists even know how to co-operate and achieve amazing things. But we as a species are in Overshoot, and are still climbing out on the branch that is inevitably going to break. We have indeed created the Anthropocene in the blink of an eye, we are indeed hurtling towards the Bottleneck of biodiversity with a brick on the accelerator pedal, and the consequences of such folly are never good.

    Planet under pressure? Surely we little monkeys can’t be the problem, the Earth is so big and the Sun is even bigger. Oh dear, how we underestimate our hubris! How we distort the scales of time and space. Not only are there 7 billion ambitious and competitive people and their 4 billion hungry livestock, there are also 3.7 billion internal combustion engines on fire, several tens of thousands of power stations and half a billion fossil-fuelled fishboats chasing far fewer fish. There are standing armies of 400 million brainwashed men, armed and ready for the kill with weapons that must be used before they become obsolete. Add it all up and Nature, let alone Peace and Compromise, doesn’t really stand a chance when push comes to shove. We are like yeast in the vat just before the final doubling. We are at 11.59 on the doomsday clock, and hey….”all is well”.

    Carry on folks, I’m sure there are plenty of messengers like me for skeptics to shoot at. Just make sure the target isn’t just an ugly image in the mirror.

    • I have responded to your comment here

  2. Bruce permalink

    ” Our grandchildren might ask if we were merely blogging and tweeting while the Earth burned and drowned.”

    Very evocative. I’d simply ask you to cite evidence (and I don’t consider anything that emerges from gigo computers as evidence) for the burning and drowning hyperbole. Satellite measurements say that global temps have flatlined since about 1999 and that sea level increases have gradually been slowing (the opposite of accelerating) and are now turning negative. This info is easily checked. Please do so and put your troubled mind at ease.

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