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Richard Black, Stakeholder Forum And CSD17

March 19, 2012

From 4-15th May 2009, the UN held CSD17 (Commission on Sustainable Development) in New York. We know Richard Black was there for the BBC, because we know this:

“Together with the BBC World Service Trust
and UN Radio, Stakeholder Forum produced a series
of radio programmes and podcasts at this year’s UN
Commission on Sustainable Development in New York
(4th – 15th May). The productions brought together
a diverse range of civil society representatives,
governments, issue experts and practitioners to discuss
some of the key issues under negotiation during the
session including drought, desertification, agriculture,
land and Africa.
The project was manage the BBC Environment
Correspondent – Richard Black, and four trainee
journalists from Bulgaria, Kenya, India and Peru with
support from two NYU students and Michael Strauss of
Earth Media.
The team produced one and a half hour programmes

This is taken directly from Stakeholder Forum’s 2009 Annual Report.  This report also states:

“The BBC continued to approach Stakeholder Forum for
articles for the Green Room their web-based discussion
space. Felix Dodds with Michael Strauss wrote for the
BBC Green Room an article on Climate Change and
Father Xmas. During the CSD Stakeholder Forum was
mentioned twice on Richard Blacks blog which is copied
widely on other organizations web sites.”

So here we can see that the BBC approached Felix Dodds to write his piece to brainwash the kids with.  We can also see that Richard Black was happy to mention Stakeholder Forum, which is hardly surprising considering he had been working with them every single day of CSD17 mentoring the people making a radio show.


Next we have another mention of Mr Black:

“In addition to our radio work, the team hosted a two-hour
training session for Major Groups and stakeholders
on how to work with the media and communicate
sustainable development. The session was chaired by
Emily Benson and heard from Richard Black, Michael
Strauss and Jean Victor Nkolo. An estimated 30 people
attended and the feedback we received was positive.”

Hang on, so you ran your lobbying workshop AT a global conference AND it included Richard Black?  So the workshop Richard presented at in 2010 was not unique?  He did it in 2009 as well. So on at least two occasions we have a BBC journalist presenting to advocate groups on how to massage the media to your advantage.

Personally I’m not sure what he would have said other than “just email me your story I can print any old crap as long as it mentions imminent climate or ecological collapse”.

But, seriously, we now know Richard was covering the CSD17 for the BBC and was also working with Stakeholder Forum both in a joint venture AND in a lobbying workshop. I refer you again to the BBC Royal Charter Agreement:

The BBC must do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality in all relevant output.”

BBC Royal Charter Agreement 2006.

Finished with Richard Black and Stakeholder Forum? Not by a long shot.  This is just the beginning.  Next up is the big one.


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  1. Keep up the good work! I had not seen that demented, odious, pernicious piece of trash by Dodds and Strauss in 2009. Perhaps they regret it now, after an intervening 3 years in which even more of what the climate catastrophists told us has been undermined by Mother Nature or by decent scientists and other observers!

  2. Mat permalink

    Great work !

  3. Martinb permalink

    Richard Black resigns from the BBC:

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