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Reporting balance And The Arctic Canary

March 19, 2012

Last year, on 28th January, Richard Black posted a story titled “Arctic canary looking sicker than ever”.  In this piece, he raved on about how the winter:

“Arctic sea ice area is heading for a record winter low this season”

“The winter maxima are showing a similar trend. And the latest plot from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center shows that another record low, this time for the smallest winter maximum, could be on its way”

“Already, a fair proportion – I won’t claim to know the exact figure, but I’d estimate it’s over 90% – of Arctic researchers believe that for the region as a whole, the canary is already toppling off its perch.”


Now compare that to this years annual “oh my god the Arctic ice will be gone and we’re all gonna die” piece.

In both of the pieces we see PIOMAS data (where the hell is the ICESAT data?).  We also have a general theme of doom and gloom, this year’s including information about how some absolute whacko wants to spray mist into the air with god only knows what consequences. However, you will notice how he switches the pea under the cup by talking about SUMMER ice minimum in this years piece.

However, the elephant in the room, or rather not in the room this year is the NSIDC plot.  Last year it took centre stage, with the attached message of certain doom.

This year, Richard had not included a picture of the NSIDC plot.

Why do you think that is?

Someone pass me a gun please.  We need to get that pesky bird of it’s perch.


From → BBC Climate Bias

  1. David C permalink

    I’m not keen on RB myself, but threatening comments, whether in jest or not, like your last two sentences, are very unhelpful. They give ammunition to your enemies who want to portray you as an unhinged zealot.

    • Perhaps read the whole thing again and the linked article. The pesky bird is not Richard Black, it’s the sick canary he claims is dying in his piece.

      I did like your probably unintended joke about ammunition though.

  2. Just as well you didn’t shoot the arctic canary as it’s continued its remarkable recovery. Global sea ice extent is above the 1979-2000 average, antarctic sea ice is above the average and arctic ice is within touching difference of the average. Not really surprising, though, when you consider that there has been no global warming since 1999.

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