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Ruffling Feathers

March 16, 2012

It appears that my last post has not gone un-noticed in the ecoloon camp:

“Attending a specialist conference should be a great way for scientists to escape the tedious attacks on the profession by climate change sceptics. It’s conceivable that Planet Under Pressure 2012 may prove a disappointment on this score.

Richard Black
Richard Black

The conference has drawn attention to itself by hiring the BBC Environment Correspondent, Richard Black, as a panel discussion moderator. Black is a hate figure for the sceptics who accuse him of compromising BBC principles of impartiality in his reporting on climate change.

His movements are tracked by the organised underworld of sceptic bloggers – if Richard Black shows up at your event, you’re tainted by association.

So far, the organisers of Planet Under Pressure 2012 have escaped censure. In yesterday’s outpourings they even enjoyed a little faint praise:

they have formed a board of patrons, who include Sir John Beddington, Lord Turner and Sir Robert Watson, three men who feed heavily into UK enironmental (sic) policy thinking. So this is top table stuff, not some grubby little ecoloon group

First, let me assure Mr Bill Gunyon that in no way whatsoever was the sentence above praise. I would also like to thank him for confirming that Richard has been HIRED.  Just to independently confirm that Mr Black is creaming cash left right and centre from his activities.

Secondly,  his post is titled “Planet Under Pressure Conference Notes: 15th March”.  The thing is, the conference doesn’t start until the 25th March.  He must be pretty lonely there…..

Thirdly, I am not finished with Richard Black or Stakeholder Forum.  In fact the surface is not even scratched properly yet.

I had a little peek at who “Bill Gunyon” is. One thing that I found which made me chuckle was this:

It’s his carbon footprint and some little snippets.

He states ” car mileage down to 4500″.  OOOh.  Well, Bill, my car mileage annually is half that.  And I haven’t flown in three years either.  So does that make me better for the planet than…well you actually Bill.

But, to his credit, Bill has ambitions in 2012.

“might dispose of car altogether”.

Very noble, but that does mean he will have to rely on trains or planes to travel further than his local sweetshop. domestic flights *must* be out, otherwise Bill would simply be a giant hypocrite, so trains it is then Bill.

Ah,b ut what’s this underneath his targets for 2012.

“Any other comments”

“high train fares remain major disincentive”

Ah.  Oh well, we can’t ditch everything to save the planet can we Bill.

Enjoy your car in 2012.


From → BBC Climate Bias

  1. Reblogged this on Autonomous Mind and commented:
    From the emails received here at AM Towers, we know readers like to keep up to date with the biased and distorted reports on the BBC by its environment correspondent Richard Black. So readers might be interested to learn that Black is maintaining the tradition of earning cash on the side from organisations who promote climate alarmism, further compromising his ability to report impartially. The excellent Black’s Whitewash blog has the details – reblogged below.

  2. Be sure to compare the energy of mass transit with that of a car before choosing to give up your car for a slower trip on transit.

    Here in the USA, the average transit trip uses more energy than the average car trip on an energy per passenger mile (km) basis. (It also costs more that driving per passenger-mile.)

    So, I like to ask: Just what is the social good of mass transit? (There seems to be few rational responses beyond helping the low income disabled.)


  3. David C permalink

    Great blog – keep up the good work!

  4. Paul in Sweden permalink

    Beware the ides of March!

  5. He could always buy a motorbike. Mine does 70mpg and 0-60 in under 5s. No problems parking either.

  6. Climate Chimp permalink

    Well done to Black’s whitewash for reporting on BBC bias in the science of climate change.

    Lets all sing the Blackwash song:

    Black is black
    He wants his warming back
    It’s gray, it’s gray
    Since it went astray, Ooh-Ooh
    What can he do
    ‘Cause he…he…he.he.he … he’s feelin’ blue

  7. Thank you for doing this blog. Fascinating. Black and his cronies need to be exposed.

  8. Luther permalink

    Keep up the good work! Nice and simple… and damning.

  9. (Snip) – let’s leave the personal stuff to the ecoloons.

  10. Streetcred – I don’t believe this is personal stuff. There is merit and value in drawing attention to the actions of a man who uses abuses his publicly funded position to push an agenda.

    Richard Black is guily of promoting only one side of an argument while enriching himself with payments from groups on that side of the argument. That makes him a paid propagandist for climate alarmism. If he was merely a campaigner and blogger that would be fine. But he is a highly paid BBC journalist failing to uphold the basic principle of impartiality that is supposedly the watchword of the corporation.

    As such his reporting necessitates the scrutiny it is receiving on this blog.

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