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Richard Black And Stakeholder Forum

March 14, 2012

During my research of Richard Black’s articles, movements and appearances one name kept popping up: Stakeholder Forum.

So who are “Stakeholder Forum”?

From their website:

“Stakeholder Forum is an international organisation working to advance sustainable development and promote stakeholder democracy at a global level. “

Stakeholder Forum, just in case you thought they were just another tinpot advocacy group formed from another advocacy group all backed by eco-NGO’s in an endless, untraceable pyramid scheme, have, in their own words:

Stakeholder Forum has played a critical role in advocating for an Earth Summit in 2012, which has now been approved by the UN General Assembly. Stakeholder Forum will continue to play a key co-ordinating role in the run-up to this crucial policy event.

In other words, they are directly responsible for the upcoming eco-feeding frenzy Rio+20.

“Stakeholder Forum played a critical role in generating support for an Earth Summit in 2012, organising a series formal and informal meetings, multi-stakeholder and governmental workshops to provide a space for discussion and exchange on the possible focus of an Earth Summit. Stakeholder Forum’s original multi-stakeholder workshop on Earth Summit 2012, held in San Sebastian, resulted in the Donostia Declaration which outlined the case for a Summit as well as providing recommendations of focus areas. “

Stakeholder Forum  has pushed until the UN basically gave in and gave them Rio+20.   Proof of their hand in this is in Stakeholder Forum setting up the website  It gives the impression that it’s their own summit, however it is actually all referring to the UN RIO+20 summit.  Nowhere on the UN site does it mention “Earth Summit”. Earth Summit is purely a marketing term to aid Stakeholder Forum’s marketing push on behalf of their sponsors who, you will be unsurprised to read, include  WWF and Greenpeace.

So Stakeholder Forum is a front for the ecoloons, you know those front’s they claim the global warming “deniers” are all about. I have no problem with people discussing the best ways to manage the planets resources at international level, but I do have a problem when that agenda is being pushed by fronts for the powerhouse NGO’s who want to change the world in their image.


The Earth Debates.

Stakeholder Forum have organised a series of live debates to be held at the Natural History Museum (you see how they do that? Hold it somewhere that adds authority, make the sheeple go “ooh the natural history museum are behind this”).  Titled “The Earth Debates” to give them a due sense of authority and scope, they are a series of four debates that will also be streamed live over the internet.

Now you can probably guess where I am going with this, if you have read my earlier posts “Richard Black International Man Of Mystery”.

The four debates are being chaired by…Richard Black.


Peas In A Pod.

Stakeholder Forum (not much of a forum really, NGO’s throw cash at them, they push to get the message out and acted on), is running events leading up to RIO+20 to keep the pressure up to lead Governments in the direction their sponsers wish.  It really is quite clever. You push to get a conference then you push the agenda (by influencing the zero draft of outcome document, as covered by Richard Black). One of the events they are running is Planet Under Pressure 2012. To give some weight to this conference, they have formed a board of patrons, who include Sir John Beddington, Lord Turner and Sir Robert Watson, three men who feed heavily into UK enironmental policy thinking. So this is top table stuff, not some grubby little ecoloon group.

One of the listed speakers and panelists is….my god can you bear the suspense…..Richard Black. Within a just a few weeks Richard is involved in two events being organised by Stakeholder Forum, both of which are attempts to influence the policy makers at RIO+20. Looks like Stakeholder Forum like Richard doesn’t it.

Well, it appears the BBC likes them as well.  Stakeholder Forum co-produced a series of broadcasts with the BBC World Service Trust:

In partnership with the BBC World Service Trust and UN Radio, Stakeholder Forum pioneered a new media/capacity building project whereby a team of journalists from developing countries were supported to attend the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Over the two week Commission they produced over 30 hours of high-quality radio programmes on all aspects of agriculture, land, drought and desertification.

And, drum roll please, guess who was involved in that…

“Working in close collaboration with the BBC World Service Trust, Stakeholder Forum identified a team of journalists from developing countries to attend the UN Commission on Sustainable Development-16 in New York (2009). Mentored by the BBC Environment Correspondent, Richard Black, the team were provided with an intensive training on all aspects of radio production and the policy issues under discussion at the CSD-16 including water, agriculture, land, and rural development.”


Beyond JournoDome.

This is something that always sticks in my mind. Unfortunately is appears to be utterly irrelevant to the people it should apply to:

The BBC must do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality in all relevant output.”

BBC Royal Charter Agreement 2006.

This would suggest to me that a BBC journalist should not get too close to a subject, so close that they end up as one of the natives?  Especially not in a formal manner by helping unelected groups who wish to influence world policy on climate issues?

So if someone, say Stakeholder Forum just for a laugh, was holding a training day whose outline was:

Is your organisation struggling to make its voice heard in intergovernmental meetings?  Do you need to understand how the UN decision-making process works? Do you know how to draft text amendments or generate an effective written submission to an international meeting?

is that the sort of thing you would want a BBC journalist involved in? No, me neither.

However, and yes I know that you have already guessed, it does not appear the BBC or Richard Black have such morality concerns.

“How To Lobby”Based on 25 years of experience of lobbying at intergovernmental meetings, Stakeholder Forum has designed a one-day training course that will provide you with all of the tools, the knowledge and the tricks-of-the-trade for ensuring that you and your organisation can more effectively lobby decision-makers at the international level.

Speakers included…..Richard Black.

A training day, set-up by an advocacy group to push Governments in the direction they want them to go, helped by a BBC journalist.  Richard Black no doubt shared all the tips and tricks he had picked up from “covering”  the global eco events on his BBC wage, you know the one’s I outlined here that he attended and participated in.

Specifically, Richard discussed the role of the media:

The Role of media
– Richard Black, BBC
Learn how to effectively work to gain media coverage of your issues by mainstream news

Understand logistics and strategies for:
– Approaching and communicating with journalists
– Communicating through and with local and national media
– Accessing international media at
– Organizing press conferences
– Setting broader communications strategies

So Richard Black was training people with a single minded world view on how to approach and influence the media.  Sharing those “tricks of the trade” that will help them to influence journalists.

In part two I will go into more detail about Richard’s relationship with Stakeholder Forum.


From → BBC Climate Bias

  1. This is indeed a very interesting series about Richard Black.

    Black is clearly a shill, but not necessarily a climate alarmist believer though. What he does believe in is his job at the BBC. A sinecure by all accounts, and with generous emoluments at that. What Black is probably really terrified about is being found out. I mean, well is he really a “Journalist” at all, or does he just plagiarise reports of others with little diligence, minimal attribution and zero prior investigation?

    That cushy job at the BBC is what is really on the line here, and the truth may be a casualty of Black’s campaign to “save the planet”, which in my own view is really a campaign to save his job at the BBC. Integrity sadly goes out the window it seems.

  2. Interesting stuff – I wasn’t aware of Stakeholder Forum (these green gravy trains spring up like mushrooms).

    The “our people” page increased my blood pressure drastically – thinking of all those witless, naive but grasping, half-educated morons making a living off my taxes.

  3. Charlie permalink

    A director of the Stakeholder Forumtis a man by the name of Felix Dodds. The BBC has very kindly allowed Dodds and friends to pen a few propaganda articles on their website.

  4. Crowcatcher permalink

    I am a retired BBC engineer, forty years ago my boss, after watching a particularly fatuous piece of science reporting on the lunchtime news, coined the phrase “Know bugger all about anything, become a (BBC) journalist!”
    Plus ca change.

  5. Charlie

    I guess an all purpose lefty activist like Dodds probably has his own parking spot at TV Centre.

  6. Jake permalink

    Note the weasel word in the BBC’s ‘charter’:

    “The BBC must do all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality in all relevant output.”

    Presumably the due amount of accuracy and impartiality required is at the BBC’s discretion.

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