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Richard Black: International Man Of Mystery

January 5, 2012

Where For Art Thou Richard?

I surf the internet, I find stuff, it makes me want to find more stuff and put the jigsaw together to see what the picture looks like.

I am also fishing through the climategate emails looking at them from the economic rather than scientific point of view.  I am interested in who is gaining financially from the fear of runaway climate change.  I posted a comment on WUWT when Climategate2.0 broke:

“Interesting stuff. When FOIA added the read me, a lot of people thought it was a bit wishy-washy, cherrypicking and pointed to someone not understanding the science.

I suggest now that FOIA is VERY aware of the links that hold together this house of cards. That is what the release is about – for us to piece together the people behind the science.”

What I meant by “behind the science” was not investigating your Michael Mann’s and Phil Jones. I meant the funding, the activists and the political clout.  Who, why and what are they gaining.  In the README file, FOIA writes:

“Over 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day.”

“Every day nearly 16.000 children die from hunger and related causes.”

“One dollar can save a life” — the opposite must also be true.

“Poverty is a death sentence.”

“Nations must invest $37 trillion in energy technologies by 2030 to stabilize
greenhouse gas emissions at sustainable levels.”

Today’s decisions should be based on all the information we can get, not on
hiding the decline.”

The message is very clear, this release is not about the science, it is about who is profiting.  It is about the ideology of a shockingly small group of elites who are happy to condemn millions of people to death and squalor in order to “save the planet” from Co2-driven Thermageddon. FOIA wants us to look for the people gaining from the poor science.

While reading about Roger Harrabin’s links to the Tyndall centre on the excellent Bishop Hill blog, I wondered how or if Richard Black fitted into that picture, or indeed any picture.  There is plenty about the cosy relationship between Roger Harrabin and the UEA, Tyndall Centre and CMEP, plenty about his journalistic bias, but Richard seems to never pop up in any of this, he seems to operate in total isolation. Perhaps Richard Black is merely a journalist and has no interest in using his position to influence his beliefs more than through his BBC pieces?

We know he is and has been in touch with the senior figures at the heart of global warming alarmism, thanks to the original Climategate emails:

“extremely disappointing to see something like this appear on BBC. It’s
particularly odd, since climate is usually Richard Black’s beat at BBC (and he
does a great job). … it might be appropriate for the Met Office to have a say
about this, I might ask Richard Black what’s up here?”

That email, written by Michael Mann, clearly shows that there was an expectation on how the BBC positioned itself on climate change across it’s output.  It also clearly shows that Michael Mann, an American living in America, was clearly aware of, and evidently already familiar with Richard Black.  The fact Mann seems happy to just email Richard shows that he already has a “relationship” with him.  What was “up here” was that Paul Hudson, a regional BBC weather forecaster had asked the question on his BBC blog “Whatever happened to global warming”.  A question prompted by the fact that temperatures had not statistically risen in 11 years. So here is clear evidence that Richard Black was much more than a “hack” and that his communications with the global warming alarmist hierachy went well beyond telephone calls to get an angle on a story.

I was surprised that despite his prominence in the climate debate that I could find virtually nothing about who Richard Black is or what he has done.  Roger Harrabin has bio’s around the net and even a Wikipedia entry.  But this is not the case for Richard.  That struck me as a bit strange.  The only information provided in his BBC Bio is:

“Richard produced and presented science and environment programmes for BBC World Service prior to becoming a news correspondent.

He regularly covers major environment conferences such as the UN climate summits in Copenhagen and Cancun and the UN biodiversity summit in Nagoya in 2010, and recently made radio documentary series on forests, whaling and fisheries.

He has led environment news coverage on the BBC News website for six years.

Richard relaxes with music, sport and reading.”

My searches did however lead me to find one small biography relating to something called “Brussels Forum” in 2007:

“Richard Black covers environmental issues for BBC News, primarily for the web site, but also for national and international radio. Most of his career has been spent in BBC World Service reporting on scientific and environmental affairs, and presenting programs with a similar brief.

Mr. Black was co-founder of the pioneering environment/development program “One Planet,” and has reported from major international events such as the UNFCCC meeting in Nairobi in 2006, the UN World Summit in New York in 2005, and the UNAIDS Summit in Barcelona in 2002. Additionally, he has contributed to the BBC’s journalist training programs directed at former Soviet bloc nations and has traveled extensively in the developing world.”

No earth-shattering information there.  But what I did find myself wondering was what is “Brussels Forum” and why did a BBC journalist have a bio on their site, which relates to an international conference held in 2007?


Setting The Scene: The Machine.

Lets look at the climate change advisory board members for Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s largest banks.  Deutsche Bank is the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world with a market share of 21 percent.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

Lord John Browne (Ex British Petroleum)

Lord Oxburgh (Ex Shell and UEA inquiry exonerator extraordinaire)

Amory Lovins (Rocky Mountain Institute)

Rajendra Pachauri (You know who he is)

Plenty of strange and vested interests there.  Now lets look at the advisory board to the Potsdam institute:

Lord Nicholas Stern (Writer of the report that shaped UK Government policy on Climate Change)

Sir Brian Hoskins (Grantham Institute)

Jennifer Morgan

The link here is Hans Joachim Schellnhuber.  He is not only an advisor to Deutsche Bank but he is also the founding director of the Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research (PIK). He is the Chair of the Advisory Board of the European Climate Foundation. The ECF also funds The Carbon Brief.  Schellnhuber also championed the UEA’s successful bid to host the Tyndall Centre (Outlined here by Bishop Hill). He is also the man who coined the phrase “tipping point” in order to convey climate urgency to non-specialists (ie, us the dumb public) in IPCC AR3. He is also a total nutjob who believes that the planet can only support one billion people.  He is a man with similar views to the Club Of Rome.  In my opinion he is driven by an ideology that has at it’s centre population reduction, by any means, in order to “save mankind”.

This is what the Wikileaks cables have to say about Schellnhuber’s tentacles:

“German research institutes are also important players
in the German climate policy scene. Of particular import is
the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK),
which is located in nearby Potsdam. The Institute’s
Director, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim SCHELLNHUBER, is Chancellor
Merkel’s personal advisor on climate policy. PIK and its
researchers are well-connected to the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change (IPCC) and occupy prominent pnositions in
its structure and working groups.”

In 2003, we read in climategate email #2924,  how Tyndall Centre started the ball rolling on creating the  Real Climate website:

“I would envisage that such a site could be maintained by a consortium of the willing, in this case involving (say) Tyndall, Hadley & PIK. We could then asked the RS (et al) to mention it and link to it on some sort of “sound science” page on their own web-site(s)”

Stefan Rahmstorf is in on this email conversation and indeed went on to be a big part of setting-up the Real Climate website. That same email goes on to say:

“We had an interesting debate on this at the Tyndall Advisory Board last week, and the consensus was very much in line with your views, except for the journalist present (Roger Horobin), who wanted something more pro-active.”

This is clear evidence of a BBC link.  Here we have Roger Harrabin, an allegedly impartial BBC journalist, on the Tyndall Advisory Board, pushing for something more “pro active”, pushing in effect for the Real Climate website. He is directly linked to a group that sits to the top of the food chain.  The link shows how this group not only controls the science through PIK, UEA and NASA GISS, but has actively discussed trying control the message on climate change, by starting the Tyndall Centre, RealClimate and the Carbon Brief.  You could go as far as to say that Harrabin was the person went furthest in wanting a Fenton Communications disinformation site, RealClimate, set-up. We know that was set-up by Fenton Communications because the domain whois page clearly shows that it was registered by “Environmental Media Services” which is part of Fenton.


Harrabin, Shaping The Message From Germany and Beyond.

In climagegate email #1428 we have the following in an email from a BBC employee to the Tyndall Centre:

“My colleague Roger Harrabin suggested I contact you.
I am about to spend several months attempting to answer the following question for
senior BBC managers:
If we were to reinvent economics coverage from scratch, TODAY, incorporating what we now
know (or think we know) about global environmental and economic trends… what would it
look like?”

Here is clear evidence of Harrabin “suggesting” the Tyndall Centre as a point of contact for research into reshaping BBC coverage bias.

This is not all Harrabin did.  He also founded CMEP, the Cambridge Media Environment Programme, in 1996.  CMEP took more than £15,000 pounds from Tyndall Centre in less than thres years.  With this money  CMEP organised seminars for BBC employees on climate change. So BBC employees were directly influenced by people at the top of the food chain  Potsdam > Tyndall > CMEP > BBC. There is also the fact that there is a huge conflict of interest going on when a BBC journalist runs a company that takes money from an institute he is sitting on the advisory panel for.

The trail so far shows clearly that the path between the top – Schellnhuber, Pachauri, Stern, Morgan and the people further down the food chain, the “messengers” who feed the world stories of global thermageddon, is far shorter than would be imagined by most people.   Between them in just a few steps we encounter the same names time and time again.  They all directly link down the chain of communications to Harrabin and the BBC.

But what of Richard?  He seems to be pushing the message, but without any direct links to those issuing it.  He does not seem to be linked to any of this, unlike his close colleague  Roger Harrabin.  Maybe he is just an independent figure mindlessly parroting his beliefs, as fed to him by the machine and following the BBC editorial bias formally agreed at the meeting titled “Climate Change – The Challenge To Broadcasting” held in 2006? Perhaps he has no relationships with any of these people?


.Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.

The Brussels Forum, states it’s aims as:

“Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of the most influential American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges currently facing both sides of the Atlantic. Participants include heads of state, senior officials from the European Union institutions and the member states, U.S. Cabinet officials, Congressional representatives, Parliamentarians, academics, and media.

Today, the United States and Europe are striving to deepen transatlantic cooperation on a vast array of distinctly new, global challenges from promoting stable states and economic opportunities to confronting climate change and energy security, yet there is no single transatlantic forum focused on this broad and increasingly complex global agenda. Brussels Forum provides a venue for the transatlantic community to address these pressing issues. By bringing together leading politicians, thinkers, journalists, and business representatives, Brussels Forum helps shape a new transatlantic agenda that can adapt to changing global realities and new threats. “

At the 2007 conference, Richard Black was an attendee.  He even chaired the following session:


Sunday, April 29, 08:00-09:00
Off the Record – Chatham House Rule – No Media Coverage
Meeting Space: Empire

The debate about climate change occurrence can be declared for all intents and purposes as over. The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirms with 90 percent certainty that the earth is warming and human activity is the major cause for this warming. The Stern Review, a report commissioned by the British government, has analyzed the economic costs of global warming to society and warns that the longer we wait to tackle it, the more costly it will be and the more certain that detrimental impacts to economic growth will result. The debate has therefore shifted from whether or not global warming is occurring to what the collective global community is going to do about it. This has lead to another interesting shift in the discussion – it is no longer considered as being solely an environmental issue, but is rather being addressed from almost every possible policy angle – energy, economics, foreign policy, and trade and development.

With the scientific debate behind us, the public and private sectors are seeking out the best policies and measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The United States, the European governments, and cities and states on both sides of the Atlantic have developed a wide array of approaches to the problem, including promoting nuclear energy or greater efficiency standards, cap-and-trade schemes, carbon taxes, and investments in renewable energy technologies like solar, wind, and biofuels. While there is argument over which of these policies or set of policies may have the greatest effect, there is one point of great consensus – no one city, state, or country can solve this problem alone. Global warming is a global problem that will need strong international cooperation to solve.


  • What does dangerous climate change mean, and how do we balance risk analysis with opportunities?
  • What actions are needed in the high-level political arena?
  • What new alliances are necessary?
  • What are the appropriate roles regarding research and development for new climate technologies for the public and private sectors?
  • What role can transatlantic cooperation play in engaging the global community?
  • How should our leaders move forward to include new constituencies?
Discussants: The Hon. Reinhard Bütikofer, Chairman Bündnis90/Die Grünen, German Bundestag
The Hon. Darrell Issa, Member, U.S. House of Representatives
Dr. Johannes Lambertz, Executive Vice President and Deputy Chief Executive Office, RWE Power AG
Jennifer Morgan, Director, Climate and Energy, E3G
Moderator: Richard Black, Environment Correspondent, BBC News

So here we have a BBC journalist moderating an “off the record – Chatham House Rule – No Media Coverage”  session with some pretty influential people about Climate change and energy security.  We have one name already tied to the highest level of the alarmism food chain, Jennifer Morgan, the chair of the German Greens, a US Congressman and the deputy CEO of one of the largest fossil fuel companies in the world. I found that interesting and concerning. I found it especially concerning that the opening line shows the mindset:

“The debate about climate change occurrence can be declared for all intents and purposes as over.”




*”Clue” for you Americans out there.

Richard appeared to be moderating a closed door discussion between some pretty infuential people.  So who exactly are they?

The Hon. Reinhard Butikofer. His bio on the Brussels forum site says:

Reinhard Bütikofer was elected president of the Alliance 90/The Greens in December 2002.  Prior to this position, he had been the party’s national executive director since December 1998.  Joining the Green Party in 1984, Mr. Bütikofer has had a long standing career within the green movement and is considered one of its leading national politicians.
In 1988, he was elected to the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg and became the Green parliamentary group’s speaker on budget issues and European affairs. For more than 10 years, he contributed in several commissions to his party’s platform and became a key activist in different national and state elections.  In 1997, he was elected chairman of the state-level party organization of Baden Württemberg.  In addition to his political work in the party, Mr. Bütikofer plays an important and engaged role in public life.  His many public positions include: member of the advisory council of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and member of the Deutscher Naturschutzring, the umbrella organization of Germany’s environmental NGOs.
Since 1998, Alliance 90/The Greens have had a standing coalition government with Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD). The Party holds three portfolios in the government including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alliance 90/The Greens is not part of the new government that took over in November 2005.

You can watch Mr Butikofer on youtube talking about the “Green Philosophy”. Butikofer is an influential German Green MEP, leader of the German Green party.

Bütikofer  is tied up with to Ottmar Edenhoffer, Deputy Director and Chief Economist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who in 2008 we find doing a lovely after dinner talk for the Chinese delegation Mr Butikofer is entertaining, titled “A new deal for the climate”.  Does that sound like it’s about saving the world, or about economic exploitation, considering Edenhoffer lists his interests in his CV as “Environmental Economics”? It is also yet another link from Schellnhuber, through PIK, straight to the heart of European politics through influence in Germany.

Ein „New Deal“ für das Klima. Empfang einer chinesische Delegation auf Einladung
von Reinhard Bütikofer, 7 November 2008, Bundesgeschäftsstelle Bündnis 90 / Die
Grünen, Berlin.

The Hon Darrell Issa. His bio on Brussels forum states:

“First elected to Congress in 2000, Darrell Issa, Republican of California, currently serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he is ranking member of the Intelligence Community Management Subcommittee.

Representative Issa is also a member of the House Government Reform Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, and is on a temporary leave of absence from the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Representative Issa founded Directed Electronics, the Vista, California-based and industry-leading manufacturer of automobile security and convenience products. He has served as chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association, as a member of the board of governors of the Electronics Industry Association, and as director of the San Diego Economic Development Association and the Greater San Diego County Chamber of Commerce.

A former U.S. Army Captain, Representative Issa is perhaps best known as the leader of the successful effort to recall former California Governor Gray Davis in 2003. In 1996, he also co-chaired the campaign to pass the California Civil Rights Initiative that ended racial and gender preferences and quotas in state contracting and college admissions.”

Here we have an American congressman no less.  Darrell tweets, or someone does it for him, so you can find out a bit more about him on Twitter. If you are an American you may know the name.  He is deeply involved in the “Fast & Furious” scandal. He appears to be the “cuckoo in the nest” here as he has been challenging the EPA on it’s CO2 classification amongst other matters, damming them for the “ideological agenda”. He also voted against the implementation of The “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009”.

Dr Johannes Lambertz. His bio says:

“Johannes Lambertz has been executive vice president of the Fossil Power Plants portfolio at RWE Power AG since October 2003 and recently became deputy chief executive officer of the organization in July 2006.
Prior to joining RWE Power AG, Dr. Lambertz worked for RWE Rheinbraun from 1981 to 2003 holding various positions including executive vice president of the Power Generation portfolio, head of the Power Plant segment, chairman of the management board at RV Rheinbraun Handel und Dienstleistungen GmbH, and vice president of Coal Refining and Factories.
He received a bachelor’s degree in nuclear process engineering from the Aachen College of Applied Science, a master’s degree in mechanical and power plant engineering from the Aachen Technical University, and a doctorate in engineering from the Institute of Turbomachinery at Aachen Technical University.”
RWE Power is one of the leading energy production and generation companies in Germany. So here we have a vested interest from someone in the fossil fuel and nuclear industry whose company also happens to be a major player in exploiting renewables and carbon markets:
“At RWE, we’re putting a lot of effort into our 120 CDM projects world-wide. We have developed projects with companies and authorities in four continents and would like to develop more projects.” RWE participates in projects in China, India, Egypt, South Korea, Ukraine, Chile, Vietnam and many other countries that cover power generation from renewables, methane and nitrous oxide abatement as well as energy efficiency measures (e.g. energy-saving light bulbs and waste heat utilisation).”
Remember the company RWE AG, you will read more about them later.
Jennifer Morgan. Her bio states:

“Jennifer Morgan is climate and energy security director for E3G. She joined E3G in October 2006, on a two-year secondment from World Wildlife Federation International (WWF).  Currently she serves as senior advisor to the German Chancellor’s Chief Advisor, Dr. Schellnhuber, and leads E3G´s political and analytical work on EU relations with China and the U.S., with a particular focus on energy and climate security issues.

Prior to joining E3G, Ms. Morgan led the Global Climate Change Program of Worldwide Fund for Nature, present in over 30 countries around the world. She joined WWF in July 1998, and headed the WWF delegation to the Kyoto Protocol climate negotiations. She has formulated and advocated climate change policies on the international and national level and directed WWF’s science, business and communications efforts, acting as chief spokesperson for the organization on climate change. Additionally, she has served on a number of boards including the Climate Action Network, the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, and REN21.

In addition to WWF, Ms. Morgan worked for the International Council for Local Environmental Issues in Freiburg, Germany on the Cities for Climate Protection campaign.  She has also worked on international trade issues at the Natural Resources Defense Council and on World Bank policy at the National Audubon Society.  She earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in political science and Germanic studies and a master’s degree in international affairs from the School of International Service at American University.”

So Jennifer Morgan was on secondment to E3G from the World Wildlife Fund at the time of this session. She now works for the World Resources Institute, an NGO that boasts Al Gore amongst it’s Directors. Note in her bio on WRI it does not say she was on secondment from WWF to E3G. She also supported the German delegation in climate negotiations in 1996 and right up until the present day – here she is being wheeled out in a press conference at COP17.

I also found a comment on WUWT which may or not be true, but it seems to fit the time line:

“Their Climate Change Department was staffed by creepy fanatics who would run around screaming about how Bush stole the election and other crazy things about whales and “climate justice”. I was young and didn’t know what to make of it all so I just shrugged it off. Anyway, the head of the Climate Change Department was this freaky woman named Jenifer Morgan. We just called her “the forehead” because of her massive forehead[1]. She threatened to leave DC if Bush was not impeached for war crimes. She kept her promise and got transfered to Bonn, Germany along with her personal assistants. “

This sounds suspiciously like the “secondment” from WWF that she neglected to mention. Even if it is not true, the part about her having a large forehead is….

Jennifer Morgan is also a member of the Siemens Sustainability Advisory Board. Siemens, a German company, is pushing into Green products in a big way.

Apart from the German connection, again,  something else jumped out at me.  I had seen the name Jennifer Morgan before, recently.  It turned out I remembered her email address from climategate email #3334, which I had read only a few days before over on Watts Up With That. So here we have a new link. Jennifer Morgan, a major climate activist , who is linked to both WWF and Fenton Communications/Environmental Media Services, rubbing shoulders with Richard Black.


Menage A Trois.

Jennifer is well in with the “Team” it appears.  By the team, I don’t mean the the Hockey Stick Team, I mean the REAL team driving the global climate panic.   Jennifer penned a chapter in the book Global Sustainability: A Nobel cause (note the pun) with Stefan Rahmstorf,  of Real Climate. Stefan also happens to work at, yes you guessed it, the Potsdam Institute (PIK).  It has a foreword by none other than the German Chancellor Anglea Merkel. The book is edited by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and Nicholas Stern.  In 2007 Chancellor Angela Merkel appointed Schellnhuber as her chief advisor of the government for climate change and climate policy.  Nice of her to write the foreword of “Global Sustainability: A Nobel Cause” for her pal Schelly.

Stefan Rahmstorf is a council member for the German Advisory Council On Global Change. The chair of the council is Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber. So Stefan’s boss at Potsdam is also his boss on the advisory council he sits on.

Schellnhuber is also on the Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change, which advises the President of the EU.  Schellnhuber it seems is in on every single conversation at every level in Europe.

Back to Jennifer, she appears to be very close to Schellnhuber, not only sitting on the advisory board for PIK, but also:

“In 2007, she served as Senior Advisor to the German Chancellor´s Chief Advisor, Dr. Schellnhuber and since 2008 advises former Prime Minister Tony Blair in his Breaking the Climate Deadlock project. “

So it’s not just Germany.  Morgan was an advisor on climate change to Tony Blair. Hans  Schellnhuber also advised Tony Blair.  Here is Jennifer  in 2008 offering witness testimony to the Select Committee on Environmental Audit Sixth Report.  Note how she is conveniently not listed as an employee of E3G like her boss at the time, Tom Burke, is.  Well it would look dodgy having two people from the same NGO wouldn’t it? So Schellnhuber and Morgan have directly influenced Government policy in two of Europe’s largets economies, almost without limit or challenge.

Morgan is also a review editor for chapter 13 of the IPCC AR5.  Since the mid-1990’s she has been a professional activist, yet with no scientific grounding whatsoever, she is an editor for the IPCC AR5.  In what universe can that be right?

Wherever you look, at every level there is a German connection and the same handful of names, especially Schellnhuber, Rahmstorf and Morgan, involved in the European response to alleged catastrophic climate change. At every turn there is someone from this small group, and usually more than one, involved, shaping, prodding, suggesting, guiding.

"Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel,
Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel...."


But What About Richard?

From the early  “noughties” we have evidence of a very small group of people at the heart of European climate alarmism.  There is a strong German connection which I note – and others have spotted and questioned as well.  There may be something else to dig up on that front.

By 2007, we see Richard’s star rising so fast that he suddenly turns up at the Brussels forum to moderate a discussion involving one of those key players: Jennifer Morgan.  As we have seen Jennifer is at the heart of the machine and has strong links with Fenton Communications and WWF.

“So what”, I hear you scream. “Most of this is well known amongst the sceptics and those with an open mind.”

Well consider this story from 2009:

Here is a story from Richard Black on how important the US Boxer-Kerry bill passing into law is for climate talks.  Note two things:

1.  “The bill would create a US-wide carbon market, which in time would link up with other carbon markets around the world, notably the EU Emission Trading Scheme.”

2. The key quote in the story is from…. Jennifer Morgan of WRI.

A story about how vital a US bill passing into law is for the ETS (EU Emission Trading Scheme).  The “expert opinion” is provided by one of the gang at the top of the European environmental food chain, and whom Richard has evidently had some serious conversations with at Brussels forum.   Richard also follows E3G on twitter, and yep, you guessed it, he also follows Jennifer Morgan.  Richard was also proudly tweeting about Schellnhuber. He also follows the Tyndall Centre.

Jennifer is  also is directly linked to Deutsche bank through Schellenhuber, who are massively involved in carbon trading along with the German energy giant RWE AG (remember them). Is Richard Black’s close proximity to such an elite healthy, when it comes to providing the British people with information?


Nothing To See Here, Move Along.

On April 28 2010, Bloomberg, along with most other major news outlets, broke the shocking story that German prosecutors had made more than 230 raids on offices of companies involved in a carbon trading scam, known as “carousel trading”.  Can you spot any names you recognise?

“German prosecutors searched Deutsche Bank AG and RWE AG in a raid on 230 offices and homes nationwide to investigate 180 million euros ($238 million) of tax evasion linked to emissions trading.

The Frankfurt Chief Prosecutor’s Office said it targeted 150 suspects at 50 companies and has frozen assets. Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, and RWE, the country’s second- biggest utility, said they are cooperating with the probe and aren’t the focus of the investigations.”

What is particularly astonishing is that there appears to have been no BBC coverage of this  event of global importance. Up to 7 percent of the world’s carbon trading is fraudulent, yet not a word on it from the BBC?

Even more odd is that I cannot find any trace of a mention of this huge story during 2010 (I of course can be corrected on that if someone can find  a story).  Yet, the day before, 27 April, the BBC ran a story on how Deutsche Bank reported bumper profits. A major news provider who can report one day on a company’s massive profits, yet who does not pick up on the bigger story that those profits may have been boosted through fraudulent carbon trading activities?  The first time I can find of the BBC mentioning this story is when people started getting convicted for it in 2011.

Does that seem just a little odd to you? I cannot believe for a moment that the BBC were not aware of it.  And why no mention from Richard Black?  He must have been aware of this huge story.  It’s not like he is shy about discussing carbon trading or Deutsche Bank: “richard black” + “carbon trading”. “richard black” + “deutsche bank”

In fact, here he is reporting  “Businesses can and should take a key role in stemming biodiversity loss around the world, a report concludes.” in July 2010, a report produced by the “Teeb Project”, chaired by a chap called Pavan Sukhdev.  Pavan just happens to be the Chief Economist for Deutsche Bank. Take a look at his personal blog to see just how much he loves nature…and profiting from the Green economy. Have a look at just how much Richard likes quoting Pavan: “richard black” + “pavan sukhdev”

Healthy? Balanced? Independent?  You decide. Perhaps Richard would like to tell us why he did not cover the Deutsche Bank carbon trading fraud angle, when he appears happy to quote them about everything under the sun?


Back To Black.

I think it best to stop there for now, before this blog post turns into a book.  I am not finished yet though. Not by a long shot.   Having set the scene, In part two I will be looking more closely at the activities of Richard Black specifically.




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  1. Steve (Paris) permalink

    Great work. Deserves a lot of attention.

  2. MangoChutney permalink

    Looking forward to part 2

  3. Henry Galt permalink

    A big question for me is why Hans Joachim “John” Schellnhuber was appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2004.

    OK, so Phil the Greek believes humanity is a virus and “John” is in agreement with Richard Attenborough (a favourite of both Phil and QEII and the BBC) that around a billion is tops for humanity – BUT the guy is not British and I very much doubt most UK citizens know about him becoming one of their commanders.

  4. MangoChutney permalink

    @Hanry Galt

    It’s not unprecedented for a foreigner to receive a CBE – think of the Irishman Sir Robert Geldof

  5. Very interesting! I look forward to Part 2, I’d like to know how Mr. Black is connected as he’s the one who has set the climate agenda for the BBC.

  6. Rustigjongens permalink

    What an excellent site, looking forward to more exposes of the link between the self proclaimed impartial BBC and its chums in the green energy scam.

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