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We all have time, but none of us have enough to see the climate debate resolved.

January 4, 2012

It’s been a bit of a struggle recently.  I have been trying to learn PHP, fitting it in around looking after my websites, all while looking after my little boy full time and being ill for the past three months.

I have found it more and more difficult to get the time to delve into the climate science and debate at the levels required to be informed. I apologise for the language in this post, but it is the only way I can express my disgust.

It has also been depressing to be honest.  Reading Orwell’s “1984” and looking at the people around me, I got a glimpse at how simple most people are.  They don’t care about much other than food and TV.  The fact that, in regards to climate science, they have and are being openly lied to, is not something they are, or could be made aware of.  They simply do not have the intelligence or will to be aware of the furthering of politics and enforced social change that is hiding behind the nobility of science.

There are some seriously questionable people involved in shaping our brave new world.  People such as Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who pulls the strings thoughout Europe and who believes that the planet can and should only support one billion people. Backed by people equally as evangelical, such as Jennifer Morgan, they are delivering a message to poor, dumb fucks such as Richard Black, who spew out their prophecies of doom without a unique thought in their heads.

And all while making a fucking huge amount of cash from grants, employment and advisory fees and grabbing cash through involvement in carbon trading companies. Meanwhile, everyone else gets less money and is told they must have less of everything in order to “save the world”.

The only thing that will decide if the “science” is right is time.  Only time will prove if the global green machine is a noble cause, or a lying piece of twisted ideological shit. This issue is not going to be resolved in the next ten years, but the claws of the machine, promising doom within ten years, will resolve it in the minds of the stupid and simple, in fact they mostly already have and they know it.

I had a line in my head all over Christmas while thinking about the climate debate.  I searched on Google, and it did not come up, so I may have had a genuinely unique thought for once in my life.   No matter what I, or anyone else thinks, says or does, only one thing can carry the baton forward for all of us and be there at its resolution.


“Time Will Carry The Truth.”


From → The Climate War

  1. MangoChutney permalink

    You may want to consider toning this piece down or you may find yourself at the wrong end a law suit – think about Tallbloke

    (Can’t wait for the RB expose)


    • I don’t think Schellnhuber or Morgan is going to drag me through the courts for suggesting thet get paid by places like Deutsche Bank, PIK, the German Government, Siemens etc, all of whom have had their fingers in the European carbon trading market pie. Nothing factually inaccurate there. IMHO they hold morally questionable views, such as the example of one billion people.

      Nor do I reckon Richard Black (Gawd bless him) is going to call me out for saying he’s dumb and parrots the econut line without a thought of his own.

      So I reckon I’m safe from a midnight raid by the Norfolk Stasi for now 😉

      The Richard Black piece has stalled a bit – some bits not coming together mixed with my general lethargy right now.

      • MangoChutney permalink

        post-christmas turkey? (your lethargic mood I mean, not you or your expose!)


  2. Stew Green permalink

    – Well done
    – By only reporting “truths” which confirm catastrophe dogma, the BBC Environment section is threatening it’s own & co-sections funding. Younger people tend to take stories at face value, but older people have seen enough of stories where the reporter stands in a dried up reservoir, but doesn’t not follow up 3 months later when the floods come. So they are starting to think “why are we paying full price for only half the story”

    – Even though dissecting the whole detail of climate change is complex more people are learning to Lie-spot : ie. spot presentation issues like : lies, certainty disproportionate to evidence, logical fallacies, name calling, emotional manipulation (photos of smokestacks & polar bears), refusing to consider alternative positions etc, which discredit “activist” many arguments

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