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Met Office’s Peter Gibbs Says We Cannot Predict Climate

December 21, 2010

During a piece on BBC News 24 last night, relating to the “step change” re-evaluation mentioned in Parliament by transport Secretary Phil Hammond, there was an interesting quote from Peter Gibbs.

Mr Gibbs clearly stated that the science to predict climate decades ahead was “in it’s infancy”.  He said that it was “all but impossible” to do.

This is a shocking admission from a MET office employee.  I would go as far as to say it is almost a “whistle blowing” statement.

Coming on the same day that Phil Hammond admitted in parliament he was looking at the possibility of a “step change” in our weather patterns, and that Sir John Beddington would be advising on this.  That is the same Beddington who questioned the accuracy of climate science recently, and who asked for the uncertainties to be discussed rather than being hidden and who called for honesty from climate scientists.

There is a “step change” happening alright.  Lets watch and see what Richard black etc at the BBC do reporting wise over the coming weeks, closely.

As for Peter Gibbs, it might be worth snapping up a signed photo on Ebay right now.   I suspect they could be worth a lot of money in the future amongst AGW sceptics.



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  1. I’ve just been directed to your blog. Well done, some excellent work here. Hope you keep it up. You may be interested in the video clip linked on the blog post below…

    Just off to add you to my blogroll and RSS reader.

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