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All quiet on the western front….

March 10, 2010

The BBC, like the sun, seems to have gone into some sort of hibernation.

I suspect this is not just “luck”, lack of stories they could spin etc.  Even Richard “chief agitator” Black has been oddly silent in his “impartial” Earth Watch.

So something is going on down Beeb way.  Perhaps they are gathering forces along with people such as the Real Climate crew (how do they run that site purely in their own time so as not so spend US taxpayers money on a blatantly one-sided propaganda machine…?) in order to start a counter offensive just as soon as we have a few warm days?

Remember the golden rule:

Weather is weather unless it is hot in which case it is climate change.

The only thing on there at the moment which you could cry “foul” at is this piece:

In this article we see the following:



There has been concern too at European level which has resulted in the development of an eel recovery plan.

But the scale of the decline in elver numbers in the Severn this spring has taken many people by surprise.

And significantly, the route of the problem remains unclear.

“It could be a combination of factors – ocean climate, global warming, feeding in the sea, perhaps they are not as fit when they leave with parasites and disease burdens – we really don’t know, ” said Marcus McAuley of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL).

While marine scientists and biologists step up their research, the battle to secure dwindling elver supplies is hotting up…..


So although it is obvious that the scientists have no clue as to the factors involved in the decline, the sub-headline for that section of the article is “Climate”, for no obvious reason other than perhaps for the scanning reader to be able to say “ah bloody climate change doing the damage again“.

So the propaganda machine is still there, bubbling under the surface, just waiting for its spring offensive I suspect.

Strange they have not written a piece on the massive upwards trend in Arctic sea ice right now.


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