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It’s quiet on the BBC website, too quiet….

February 19, 2010

……but then, after a week of complete silence,  Black is back with…

“Unknowns behind climate chief’s resignation”

“Mr de Boer leaves behind a string of memories that I am sure are emblazoned on his brain cells even more strongly than they are on mine: the collected calm under the tropical downpours of the 2006 UNFCCC summit in Nairobi; the extraordinary work rate during the Bali summit; the tearful breakdown as an oversight threatened to derail negotiations at the end of that meeting; the quick-fire capital-to-capital diplomacy last year as Copenhagen loomed; the measured-yet-wry replies to the sometimes inane questioning of journalists; the past-midnight revelations in Copenhagen of how Barack Obama and Wen Jiabao – arguably two of the three most powerful people on the planet – had personally sat down to write a climate non-treaty together.

These are among the memories that Yvo de Boer leaves with as he trades the UN climate convention for life as a climate advisor to business and as an academic.”

I get the impression that Richard has a soft spot for him don’t you, with this teary-eyed reminisce?

Ah the good old days when everyone just followed the message without question.

The irony is of course that this decent man has gone, while the nutcase “mr asbestos” Pachuari, is still running amok like an out of control Indian war elephant….


From → BBC Climate Bias

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