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Richard Black Ignores The Ten Ton Elephant…Again!

January 22, 2010

“It’s hard to overstate how much the events of the last two months have altered the global picture of climate politics.”

Totally agree Richard.  But, erm whats going on here.

Richard Black has done it AGAIN.  He has managed to write an assessment of how the Climate debate has changed in the past two months, but has failed to mention, no honestly, he has failed to mention CLIMATEGATE.

Not even a mention of the emails being leaked out.

Surely, even the most ardant  “warmist” would expect an article by a BBC correspondent who specialises in the issue , to mention the biggest elephant in the room?  Surely they would be honest enough to expect it to be mentioned as having a significant effect in the change in public opinion in many area’s?

I simply cannot believe the audacity of it.  The article deliberately does not mention the biggest thing that has changed in the past two months relating to the subject.

How can Richard Black, or indeed ANYONE at the BBC defend this as a balanced assessment of the current state of the subject covered?

This is a whitewash, Black’s whitewash, at its absolute pinnacle.


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