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BBC Bias, BBC Contempt.

January 9, 2010

Following this post from head Agitator Richard Black:


I sent this complaint:

{Summary:} Factual errors used to make a point


{Complaint:} I am deeply upset at the twisting and bias used by Richard
Black to dismiss the current weather in the link supplied.

He states that:

“But not everywhere; in fact, other places in the Northern Hemisphere
are seeing weather that’s unseasonably warm.

In Goose Bay in Newfoundland, it’s barely getting below 0C – bikini
weather, relatively speaking, given that the average minimum for January
is -23C.”

Look at the forecast for Goose Bay:

Does that look unseasonally warm to you by Saturday?

He has cherry picked ONE DAY’s weather to dismiss the debate about the
current cold weather in relation to the climate change debate.

He also describes the current Atlantic Oscillation as “extreme” when it
is in fact entering a negative period in its cycle which is entirely

This is pure and simple spin and bias to ensure minimise any debate on
the natural aspects of climate change.

When is the BBC, an impartial body apparently, going to address
example’s of bias and spin of such breath taking clarity?

I would like a reply from an impartial manager.
Last time I complained about Richard Black’s lack of objectivity, the
email was passed to his department – so passing the complaint to the
people I am complaining about – appalling.


And received this reply:

Thanks for getting in touch about Richard Black’s blog post about the
weather. With regard to Goose Bay, Mr Black was reporting the weather at
the time of writing – we are happy that readers will have been aware
that this was likely to change over time. With regard to Atlantic
oscillation, the inference that this post minimises debate on climate
change does not seem to be warranted; that debate is ongoing in the
comments thread, across many other posts of Mr Black’s, and around the
BBC in general. If you are unsatisfied with this response, or that to
your previous e-mail, it is open to you to address your complaint to the
BBC Editorial Complaints Unit: or Room 5170, White City,
201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS.

Yours sincerely,

BBC News website


Is that the standard of reply you would expect after making a formal complaint?  So I have no escalated it to the next level in order to receive a higher level of patronising flannel:

I am disputing the “findings” of the below email from a person or department who have not even had the decency to put a name to their response, let alone actually address the issue raised.

In your response you state:

“With regard to Goose Bay, Mr Black was reporting the weather at the time of writing – we are happy that readers will have been aware that this was likely to change over time. ”

No he was not, he clearly stated that the reason for the Goose Bay temperatures was because of the influence of the current negative NAO:

“But if you live in places that are usually cold at this time of year – such as Goose Bay – you’ll see a concomitant rise in temperatures compared with what happens during “positive” AO conditions, when the cold air is confined to more northerly latitudes.”

He was very clearly stating that because we are having a cold snap, Goose Bay is experiencing a comparable warm period.  This is simply not backed up by the temperature record.


View the data for the the latter part of December and January so far.  Then view the forecast for the rest of this week:

Comparing it to our temperatures over the same period, very clearly there is no comparable multi-week period of exceptionally unseasonably warm temperatures in Goose Bay.

Now you tell me how it is a reasonable comparison?  A three week long UK cold snap that has set 30-50 year temperature and snowfall records across the UK, China, Korea, Russia, France, and many other area’s of the northern hemisphere and a 5 day warm “blip” in _one area_ of Canada.

He also mentions Yakutsk as somewhere else that is apparently warm at the minute.  However, even a cursory glance at the Russian weather data show that this is nothing unusual, and record temperature highs of -16 degrees are still standing from as far back as 1935.  So absolutely NOTHING unusual is happening there either.
Trying to compare apples and pears in this way leads me to question, again, the motivation for the playing down of anything that contradicts the global warming mantra that is churned out by Richard Black and his team.  It is becoming clear that your environment team are reporting climate news from the viewpoint thats its all man made and so it’s ok to report if from that perspective, while ignoring, playing down or being dismissive of any contradictory evidence.

This is a clear example of attempting to play-down our current record breaking cold weather by saying “hey its exceptionally warm in places its meant to be cold”, which is simply untrue, and hardly in keeping with the BBC charter.



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  1. Excellent – I entirely agree with your devastating analysis of Black’s patronising nonsense.

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