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UK MET Office – Record Snowfall – Move Along, Nothing To See Here

January 6, 2010

Did anyone see the ITV news last night?  Live from the centre of Manchester, with the usual people in the background on mobile phones asking mum if they are on TV of course.

They asked a MET office bod, Rob Varley,  if the current weather in the northern hemisphere was unusual or extreme, and his answer was……no.

Apparently in any year you can find 6 feet snowfalls in northern China, southern Korea, the UK etc etc etc.

No mention of Scotland recording the lowest temperature (-14) since 1995, no mention of the fact that todays snowfall in the south could be a 30 year record.

No mention of the 1000+ snowfall and the 1000+ low temperature records set in the USA in the past three weeks.  No mention of the fact that on Christmas day 63% of the North American continent was under several inches of snow.  No mention of snowfall in Florida threatening the orange and grapefruit crops for 2010.

NO mention of the fact that the MET office changed their winter forecast a few days ago.

A total and utter shambles, and a total and utter whitewash.

Of course if sunspots increase and El Nino is more powerful this year leading to high summer temperatures, the same spokesman will undoubtedly not be able to restrain himself from linking it to climate change.

Why not email Mr Varley and ask him, I did:

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