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Rob Varley Met Office – What A Legend

January 6, 2010

From Mr Varley in July 2008, as his colleague Ewen MCallum was predicting a summer packed with 30 degree days:

“Rob Varley, Met Office government services director, said: “Our long-range forecasts are proving useful to a range of people, such as emergency planners and the water industry, in order to help them plan ahead.””

I am sure that the planning officers of the County Councils of the UK will be absolutely delighted to plan their road salt levels for next winter on the predictions of the Mt Office.

On last night’s ITV 6pm news Mr Varley very clearly stated that the current weather was not unsusual, and not general.

Apparently we can find examples of Chinese people being dug out of trains in 6 feet of snow every single year.

Apparently the 1200 low temperature records now set in the USA, along with more than 800 new snowfall records is not worth mentioning.

Apparently the fact that 63% of the continental USA was under snow on Christmas day is not worth nodding at.

China, Russia, America, Britain, Korea, India, all reporting severe, unusual cold spells and snowfall.  None of it mentioned.

Not a mention of the fact that the Met Office’s long range forecast predicted a mild winter, but is now having to admit it could be the worst winter for 25 years.

No mention of a 30 year snow record potentially to be set.

No mention of the fact that -14 has been recorded in the highlands, a low since 1995, and a low of -20 potentially over the weekend,.

No mention that the NAO has one negative, and could be a natural reason for this weather.  Perhaps because it would draw people’s attention to the NAO and they might start noticing that the warm trend matched a positive NAO.  Hey, you don’t want anyone going off message do you.

BUT WE MUST REMEMBER THAT WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE.  So the current northern hemisphere freeze should not be used as evidence that global warming is a fact open to debate.

Remember that during the summer if it gets hot.  Watch the Met office link it to climate change.  On yes they will.


From → BBC Climate Bias

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  1. Great job.
    Keep up the pressure 🙂

    The BBC is a disgrace.

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