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BBC and Dr iain Stewart Continue The Propaganda Wars

December 21, 2009

Dr Iain Stewart wades in with a completely illogical contribution to the climate debate.  Earth: the Climate Wars, was first shown in 2008, but was peddled out by the BBC as yet more evidence of AGW last week during the COP15 conference:

Forward to 33 mins and watch to 38 mins. “The younger dryas ended in one year.” A sudden jump of 5 degrees in “less than a human lifetime”, and possibly as much as 5 degrees in one year.

From the core and the documentary clip we can conclude the following are signs of a rapid warming climate change:

1. Heavier snowfall – check

2. Rapid temperature uplift – check.

3. Man pumping co2 into the atmosphere – ch…aah.

Yet despite saying that we don’t know what caused the rapid upwards shift in a few years that ended the younger dryas, Dr Iain Stewart, pro-AGW scientist, spends the next 20 minutes telling us its our fault its happening this time and we need to change our ways or die.

He also neglects to mention that our ancestors survived the massive climate change, and in fact flourished.

This is a perfect example of why the pro-AGW argument is so completely illogical. They bang on about short term data as proof yet the long term trend shows a pattern that has always existed and looks little different now if taken in that long term context. We are certain the earths temperature has been much higher and much lower than today on dozens of occasions.

The reality is that nobody can prove that what has happened in the past 50 years is un-natural when placed within the context of MILLIONS of years of endless fluctuations. Climate has always changed and VERY rapidly, even the pro-AGW Iain Stweart agrees.

He is however, like many others, happy to suddenly pin the cause of it on mankind. Logical? He is happy to suggest that we can somehow change our ways and stop it, despite the evidence it has always changed rapidly. Logical?

Pro-AGW’s suggest that by stopping GHG rises we will stop climate change. Forever? For a century? For a year? Not at all? We do know it has always happened. There are proven cycles of 100K years, 28k years and even 1500 years.

The temperature has peaked and troughed violently since the big bang. Proven.

But this time its definitely our fault, apparently, despite the fact it was not our fault the previous ten thousand times.

We have populated inhospitable areas of the planet. We have created borders that stop natural human migration. we have built close to the sea despite the geological evidence that the levels have risen and fall by tens of metres throughout history (something Mr Stewart should know as a Geologist).  We have bred like rabbits making population shifts impossible in the modern age.

Those are problems we have created which make adapting to inevitable climate change more difficult.

Adapt to something that has always happened and survive, or pretend we can control it and die, that I would suggest is the reality we face as a species.

Surely that should have been the conclusion reached by an educated man who pulls our heart strings by bringing his children into the last, scene of this “documentary”, rather than peddling the usual emotional “we are all going to die and its our fault” mantra.

If you would like to ask how Mr Stewart reached his conclusions then why not drop him an email to ask:


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One Comment
  1. Luke Warmer permalink

    This programme was a repeat and also chimes in with the Oreskes stuff about impotent old post war nuclear bods as the skeptics, I seem to remember.

    I can actually remember when in the mid-90s when the medieval warming period still existed as a high(er) natural point, the whole debate shifted towards the idea of the rate of change rather than the absolute magnitude i.e. it’s the speed of hte change that is unprecedented. As you say this is debunked when you look at the history.

    If you didn’t like this programme then you certainly won’t like Tony ‘Baldrick’ Robinson’s one. The number of times he said “and then climate change came along” or “and then global warming came along” as if it was some malevolent beast. Again, he commented about one ice age that the temperature dropped by 8 deg C (off the top of my head) within a man’s lifetime.

    And yet the myth of unprecedented rates persists.

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