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BBC Allows Through Story Hinting That Climate Change Has Always Happened!

December 17, 2009

“So we can look to times when maybe environmental changes have been much more rapid and much more catastrophic in some instances and people have survived and adapted and it’s that adaption to climate change is one of the key things that we need to get to grips with.”

What?  Can this be?  A story on the BBC environment site that basically says, we found stuff underwater, its due to constantly changing water levels and constant climate change, our ancestors just moved and adapted….

Obviously with all eyes on the mess at COP15, this one was allowed to slip through the net as an example of the constant rise in water levels mankind has been dealing with since the last ice age started to end.

The issue now is that man has created artifical boundaries through borders which make our migration away from a changing landscape impossible, something this article clearly shows our ancestors did not have to deal with.

So the sea levels have been rising for thousands of years, man has constantly been shifted by them, yet all of a sudden its our fault it is happening.

Make sense to you?



From → BBC Climate Bias

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