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Richard Black, Climate Activist, Goes Insane While Other Submit FOI Requests To Get Answers

December 15, 2009

According to Richard Black, most climate “sceptics” (always use that word in speech quotes for emphasis Richard), are men.

To post such nonsense on a BBC reporters blog, at a time when the BBC environmental team are facing increasing pressure to stop acting as a front for the climate lobby is beyond belief. This is not journalism, this is activism, and it is nasty activism at that.

This blog post can only further create a “with us or against us” situation, when what we need at this moment is rational,open minded debate.

Do a Google search for Richard Black climate and you will see there are hundreds of websites questioning the journalistic integrity of this man.  Whatever his personal beliefs, his responsibility is to report the news in a fair and balance manner.

Whatever your view, any right minded person must be able to see the bile within such a blog post.  Richard Black has lost his last shred of impartiality.

the bigger question is why Richard feels he can totally ignore the foundations of decency, objectivity and balance that the BBC was once proud of.

I suspect he feels safe due to the policy decisons made at a secret meeting in January 2006, which has shaped BBC reporting ever since.

What I and others would like to know is who was at that meeting, and what concensus was reached.

People are now resorting to FOI requests in an attempt to find out:

Who were the external advisors at that meeting and what were they paid?  What bodies did they represent?

I suspect that the BBC’s unbelievably one-sided reporting is down to confidence from holding the positions outlined back in 2006.  Either that or the corporation has no internal controls to monitor  their journalists, as the BBC environment team seems to have carte blanche to write such openly one sided and at times amazingly tenuous and sensationalist scare stories that you do begin to wonder.

Whatever your viewpoint, it is clear that there are questions to be asked of the methodology used by the UEA, yet the BBC is not asking any of those questions.  This story has reached the American Senate and the House Of Lords, yet if you only read the BBC website you would never know it was an issue at all.  Even if it turns out to have been a storm in a tea cup, the fact that the BBC is not even addressing the issue with objective journalism is upsetting a lot of right minded people who just happen to have the open mindedness to say “hang on lets go through this again”.

My complaint to ofcom regarding BBC policy and responsibility, and another for Richard Black to the Press Complaints Commission,  are in the post right now.


To be clear, I am concerned about our planet.  Over population, pollution and destruction of our surroundings.  These are real concerns.  However, the BBC is pursuing CO2-driven anthropological Gobal warming as an agenda that is beyond belief.  It must be stopped.


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One Comment
  1. Luke Warmer permalink

    Nice site – I think Richard Black needs a little more scrutiny.

    As a skeptic I have seen how the warmers need to paint us as non-human or with some ‘clear flaw’ hence the machine of big oil or other smearing tactics such as old men, americans, flat earthers and so on. Now just men. That’s rich given Jo Nova, Lucia, Jennifer M., Lucy Skywalker, Sonia B-C and many others.

    Bizarrely, I can’t think of a single high profile scientist warmer who’s female – there’s the Green party one and Jo Abbess, but that’s about it.

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