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BBC claims tigers attack humans…because of climate change!

December 14, 2009

You could not make this up.

The Beeb has turned tiger attacks into another propaganda piece for Copenhagen.

This seems to be the generally accepted generalist  view (Wikipedia):

“In many of the Indian mangrove wetlands, freshwater reaching the mangroves was considerably reduced from the late 19th century due to diversion of freshwater in the upstream area. Also, the Bengal Basin is slowly tilting towards the east due to neo-tectonic movement, forcing greater freshwater input to the Bangladesh Sundarbans. As a result, the salinity of the Bangladesh Sundarbans is much lower than that of the Indian Sundarbans.”

It goes on to say:

“A 1990 study noted that there “is no evidence that environmental degradation in the Himalayas or a ‘greenhouse’ induced rise in sea level have aggravated floods in Bangladesh”; however, a 2007 report by UNESCO, “Case Studies on Climate Change and World Heritage” has stated that an anthropogenic 45-cm rise in sea level (likely by the end of the 21st century, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), combined with other forms of anthropogenic stress on the Sundarbans, could lead to the destruction of 75% of the Sundarbans mangroves.[9]

So IF water levels rise as much as predicted by a set of scientists who are increasingly looking to be pushing their own agenda, then things might get bad.

The bottom line is that reduction of the tigers environment is down to man chopping it down, polluting it or cyclones (Sidr being the lastest).  And that has what to do with Copenhagen and Co2?  Higher Co2 levels could actually stimulate higher re-growth for crying out loud!

The bit I particularly found unbelievably sloppy journalism was when the reporter read out the names and years that the ladies became widows.  Did you notice any increasing trend?  No me neither, but he then asserts that there is an increase in recent years and links it to global climate change.

Apparently man is having to cross into their domain as well as visa-versa.  What is not mentioned is that a lot of these men are going in there to KILL the tigers to sell on to China.   So these widows, are they all widows to innocent fisherman, or are these desperate people going in there to try to kill the tigers for money.  Again, NOTHING to do with climate change.


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