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Sky News Join The Madness

December 12, 2009

Sky News joined the madness today when Anna Botting reported from Mumbai.

It was a climate report, apparently, under their “turning up the heat”  series.

The subject?

How everyone has to bathe in the filthy river because there is no proper sanitation, how the pollution is forcing the fish further out from the coast, and how the new stock exchange building has been poorly constructed in a position that increases the risk of flooding from the river.

Can anyone tell me what any of that has to do with climate?

I am sick of countries internal negligence and social issues being peddled as the concern of others to correct. The west pumps billions into Indian industry every year, through buying consumer goods to paying tens of thousands a decent wage in call centres etc.

Just because India has an unequal society,  religiously and financially, why is that anything to do with us?

If we stopped funding the call centre’s for example, would those workers be paid as well by Indian employers? Of course not.  So why is the west demonised and why are we being emotionally blackmailed on an issue that has nothing to do with climate change?

The climate change agenda is being mixed in with a “social change” message, with everyone of us footing the bill.

Talk about climate change Sky, but don’t peddle social change with it.


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