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9th December – Climate Is Suddenly A BBC Blindspot

December 10, 2009

Considering the amount of money the BBC has ploughed into creating a large team of journalists to cover the topic of climate, including sending at least three to Copenhagen, yesterday saw it drop off their radars.

Not anywhere was there a main news item on the conference, which is odd considering its ground to a halt because everyone is showing their true colours and wrestling for money.  Not anywhere was there a main item about ClimateGate, nor a mention of the USA.

So it was with surprise that I watched the late night ABC news feed that BBC News 24 has from 1230-0100am.  An item on ClimateGate and Al Gore getting heckled, and an item about the fact several US states are experiencing the worst pre-winter snow falls for decades.

Usually the Beeb laps up freak winter weather news, but apparently not yesterday.

Also over on CNN there was another ClimateGate face-off live last night.

Am I alone in thinking that this is a bit odd considering all of this is one of the major topics of the decade?

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